Dozens of Couples Renew Vows at Mexico Beach

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MEXICO BEACH-- It's until death do us part, again.

The first annual wedding vow renewal ceremony took place on Mexico Beach in front of Sunset Park Saturday afternoon.

The Mexico Beach Community Development Council put on the event, and invited anyone who was originally married in Mexico Beach to come back and remember why they choose the destination as there initial ceremony.

"I think its great that we are able to get those who have came to Mexico Beach to come back to Mexico Beach because sometimes they just don't have the chances to get back here as soon as they want to, and this gives them that little incentive to hey come back down here," said Kimberly Shoaf , the President of Mexico Beach Community Development Council.

For one member of the council, marrying people is something he does as a hobby, and he just can't get enough.

"The best part of it is your working with people at a very happy time in their life, they've found a certain someone they want to stay with for the rest of their life, its just a happy event and its really fulfilling to do it," said Jack Mullen.

Every year divorce seems to be more common in a family household.

Renewing vows wasn't popular in the United States until the 1970's.

The purpose of the ceremony it to show continuing commitment to your spouse and that is exactly what they were doing here at Mexico Beach.

"It was a happy time for us and its just kind of nice to revisit that commitment, and just enjoy each other some," said Kelly Bunn, one local who renewed her vows.

Some claim, their love is like a romantic movie.

"I keep on going back to that line in the movie with Jack Nicholson when he said, you make me want to be a better man," said Will Brown.

Regardless of the weather, love was in the air, and certainly something to celebrate.

"Its supposed to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, so if it rains on your re-wedding day than you are just bound to each other for life," said Shoaf.

El Governor Motel paid for the reception for the event.

Members of the council say they were pleased with the turn out, and say it is something they will consider for future events.