Dredging Begins On Destin's East Pass

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Over the next week dredging crews will remove ten thousand cubic yards of sand from the East Pass of the Destin Harbor.

"We're dredging a portion of the old pass lagoon channel parallel to the bridge where it's shoal to an elevation of about four feet and some of the boats in the harbor are having trouble getting out” said City of Destin Development Manager Steven Schmidt.

The entire project should take about ten days to complete.

"We solicited bids and ended up getting proposals from two different companies that were able to do the work in the time frame specified” said Schmidt.

Schmidt is warning boaters to be aware of the work, and possible detours in the Norriego Point area.

"It's a very intensive process. The dredge is actually going to be out by the bridge but they got a tremendous amount of eight inch pipe that's under a lot of pressure and we want to keep people away from the pipe line. Away from the spoil area. There's a lot of heavy equipment that's moving around out here" said Schmidt.

Destin city officials are also seeking a permit to use the dredged sand on Norriego point, which is eroding.

Some residents don't agree the sand should go on Norriego point. The city has not made a final decision.