Ex-Girlfriend and Suspect involved in Weekend Murder Speaks from Jail

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Panama City - The woman at the center of a deadly weekend shooting is talking from her jail cell. She's also a suspect in the murder of her ex- boyfriend Anthony Petracca at his Panama City Beach home early Saturday morning.

"I never wanted that for him or anyone else in this world. It's terrible," ex-girlfriend Darya Darley said of Petracca's death.

24-year old Darley dated Petracca for years. She said they continued to argue, long after they'd broken-up.

"M ex-boyfriend was yelling at me every time we saw each other and it was causing problems for both of us so my boyfriend, Tommy asked me if I wanted him to go talk to Tony."

Darley says her new boyfriend Tommy Anderson also had other reasons to confront Petracca. But Anderson wasn't alone when he went to Petracca's home Saturday morning. He allegedly took four other men, some carrying guns. Darley said she felt forced to go.

"I don't want these guns. I don't want these guns. I don't want them here. We don't need guns for this."

Darley claims she was lying in the floorboard of the car, listening as the incident unfolded.

"He came out and there was a confrontation. There was no talking really. It happened fast and all the sudden you just hear the sound of gunshots."

When the shooting stopped, Petracca was fatally wounded. Darley says Anderson told her he didn't shoot anyone. Investigators have charged him with accessory to murder. Patrick Bass surrendered to authorities Sunday. He's charged with murder.

"I'm still in shock about it. I just feel bad for his son and his girlfriend and the rest of his family," Darley said.

Darley, Anderson and Bass are all in the Bay County Jail. Sheriff's investigators are still looking for other possible suspects.

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