Explicit Spring Break Pictures Surface on Twitter

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - As they were discussing spring break related proposals, council members got an example of some of the behavior they're trying to regulate. We warn you, you might find some of this material offensive.

Panama City Beach City Council members are speechless after seeing some of the most inappropriate photos of spring break to date.

Local attorney Wes Pittman presented the photos to council members. He said he received a number of calls from residents complaining about the activity depicted in the photos.

They show spring breakers flashing and committing sex acts in broad daylight. As the folder went around the dais, some council members looked disgusted.

Mayor Gayle Oberst didn't open the folder, passing it instead to the next council member.

"They do really crazy things and sometimes us old folks do too. So I really don't think we need to look at them, but if we want them, they're there," said Oberst.

Pittman believes council members have a responsibility to stop that behavior.

"They have a job to do. They have not been doing the job and if they continue to refuse to do the job, why should any of us continue to pay them to continue in the same fashion that they have been going," said Pittman.

Many locals say the Fox News reports were the last straw to change spring break, but the pictures on Twitter go to an entire new level of unflattering publicity for Panama City Beach.

"You add these photographs to it and now we can see everything that Fox News was talking about. Everybody in town and in Bay County should see these things," said Pittman.

Twitter issued a statement to NewsChannel 7 saying they do not comment about individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.

That Twitter account displaying the inappropriate photos has been online since March 2013.