Fire Destroys Luxury Yacht

Local authorities are investigating a fire at Bay Point that destroyed one of the luxury yachts docked at the marina.

It happened about 6:30 Monday night on-board The Nip-Tuck.

The smoke could be seen for several miles.

Investigators say the boat, 35-foot meridian aft-cabin cruiser, is owned by a local cosmetic reconstructive surgeon Dr. Adil Ceydeli.

He'd been on-board, but he left to run to the store, about 10-minutes before the fire began.

Bay County Firefighters responded first, but quickly realized they could use some help.

Panama City Fire officials responded with their fire boat and coast guard was also on-scene.

They battled the fire for about an hour, before extinguishing it.

Part of that battle included keeping the flames from spreading to some of the multi-million dollar yachts and vessels docked nearby.

Only one other boat had minor damage.

"We train for this on a monthly basis with our staff. The fire department comes out here roughly every six months to do their drills. They know exactly what to do and what can and can't do and we were prepared for it this time which is good. This thing has never happened to this marina. It has happened to other marinas across the county. This marina has been here roughly fifty years and has never happened here before. Obviously there's a first time for everything and unfortunately, today (Monday) was it," said Bay Point Marina Manager Daniel Fussel.

State Fire Marshal's investigators, Bay County Sheriff's Deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers are still investigating.

At this point they suspect the fire was the result of an electrical short, but they haven't confirmed it.

Fortunately no one was hurt.

Dr. Ceydeli's yacht was valued at 700,000 dollars.