Flyboarding - The Newest Sport

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA Flyboarding came into existence 3-years ago. A local man is already a huge fan of the relatively new sport, which allows you to simulate flying above the water. He hopes to turn his passion into his career.

When I first met Jeff Reylkins huddled over his L-E-D body suit, it was easy to imagine Tony Stark building the iron man suit and so can Reylkins, up to 50 feet in the air.

He owns Flyboard Panama City Beach.

If your not familiar, a Flyboard looks kind of like a jet pack on your feet. It shoots out water and allows a person simulate flying. It was invented in France in 2011 but Reylkins is already adding his own touch.

"We were thinking how can we continue to fly at night. We just don't get enough in the 9 hour period we are getting during the day, so we invented these LED suits so that we can continue to Flyboard at night and people can see us and we can see ourselves."

An invention is born. Reylkins fabricates his led suits in his lab and has a provisional patent on the product.

Howard Van Wieren is his business partner and inventor. "We are going to be setting up manufacturing shortly, hopefully within the week for our suits, but we have other patents coming down the pike."

Since I'm a beginner I opted for the daylight Flyboard course. I guess you could say I'm kind of like Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2.

Sure, in the beginning it felt a like falling then flying. But after about 20 minutes this happens. And you start to understand why Reylkins loves it. "So we started building these waterproof LED suits so I could fly at night. And people just don't know what to think. We get crowds of people that can't breathe."

And you can also see why the businesses future looks bright. "We are looking at another shop. It's twice as big as this and we still are not sure it's big enough, but we don't want to go to fast either. We will probably have 20 or 30 employees in a year I'm sure."

Flyboard PCB also offers Flyboard lessons. Visit flyboard pcb. com for more information.

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