Gov. Scott Spends Day Working at Captain Anderson's

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Governor Rick Scott is known as being 'the jobs' governor and he's making his way around the state as part of his 'Let's Get to Work campaign'. Saturday, he made a stop in Panama City Beach.

Governor Scott spent the day working as an employee at Captain Anderson's restaurant. He started out in the kitchen, filleting fish before heading into the bakery to put the final touches on some key lime pies. After that, he was out in the dining room waiting tables.

It's all part of Governor Scott's "work day" campaign to bring more jobs to Florida and to personalize the issue of unemployment.

"Everybody would like to have a job. Everybody would like to build their families. And you can't do it without jobs. I think part of it is meeting people, highlighting the importance of all these jobs, it's all of these things," said Governor Scott.

Governor Scott's first day of work at an everyday job was serving customers at a Tampa donut shop. He says one of his main priorities is to create policies that make Florida one of the best places to do business.

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