Graceville Man Loses Everything to Camper Fire

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Graceville- Fire officials say they narrowly escaped a bad situation when responding to a 28 foot 5th- wheel camper fire off Highway 77 Tuesday.

Thankfully no one was injured, but the blaze did destroy the camper Nickolas Gore owned and was letting his brother live in for the past year. "At least it's not a loss of life or something" Gore said, surveying the charred remains.

He also knew in the midst of the unfortunate tragedy, he was lucky. All that separated his scorched camper from another trailer on his property was three feet, and a dozen hard fighting firemen.

"It was hard to get to and save the other one" explained Graceville Fire Chief, Tommy Dennis, "so we kept one cool and put the other one out. We would have been in a mess. It would have been hard to put out."

The blaze started around noon and within minutes responders from Graceville, Cottondale and Jackson County were on the scene. Gore said he was grateful for the quick response- but not nearly as appreciative as his other half was.

"It means a lot because my wife's got a lot of stuff in there that was her mother's. Sentimental stuff- we sure didn't want to loose it" Gore said.

"The fire's undetermined right now what caused it. It's a camper trailer, he ain't got no insurance, we're not going to call the Marshall" Dennis said.

And Gore's guess was as good as any. "It's an old trailer" he said. "It could have been faulty wiring or something. It could have been something got left on."

But a cause was not the only thing unknown. Gore's brother was at work when it happened, and would not find out until he returned to what used to be his home.

"We'll just do what we have to do" Gore said about breaking the news.
He told us with a little brotherly love, he'd be there to help pick up the pieces when his brother returned. "That's what families do. We'll figure something out."

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