Gulf Coast Medical Staff Strips Down for a Cause

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PANAMA CITY - Some male staff members from Gulf Coast Medical Center hung up their dignity for a few hours Thursday afternoon, for a good cause.

You could definitely call them good sports for parading around the hospital cafeteria in drag.

The male doctors, nurses and pharmacists at Gulf Coast Medical dressed up in bra's, boas, and even pink tutu's to support those affect by breast cancer.

Oncology Navigator, Kay Hankins said, "It shows our women that our male counterparts are also very supportive and they want to bring attention about the breast cancer awareness to them."

Co-workers supported the guys from the sidelines.

They cheered on the "models" as they walked the runway.

Pediatric Surgeon Michael Taylor said he was embarrassed to walk around half naked, but chooses to look at the bigger picture.

"It's for a purpose. It's to raise money and awareness so it's worth maybe a little bit of embarrassment," Taylor said.

One in eight American women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Gulf Coast has diagnosed more than 300 case of breast cancer in the last three years.

Organizers say the fashion show helps both the patients and staff.

"They're dealing with things all the time that are not very happy things. I think this gives them an outlet, as well to show their patients and the staff that they have a lighter side to them," Hankins said.

26 year old breast cancer patient Katie Smith says early detection is the key to survival.

Smith said, "You don't have to be 40. You have to start young and I'm proof that if you do catch it early you can beat it."

Meanwhile, back on stage, Taylor said, "It's not too often you see a bra made out of a stethoscope."

The models all seem to agree the dress up day is a means to an end.

"Do you enjoy dressing up," Morgan Kyrklund asked.

Chief Nursing Officer, Mark Phillips responded, "Absolutely not, but for this, to support and save the ta-ta's I would do anything."

Gulf Coast Medical staff has raised $1,400 for breast cancer research.

They plan to keep raising money through the end of the year.