Gulf Coast School of Autism Gets New Facility

Gulf Coast School for Autism held its grand opening for a brand new, much larger facility on Ruth Hentz Drive Friday.

The school began with a small group of students, but quickly had more than the old facility could handle.

The new facility has an indoor gym for enhancing motor skills, a recreational room, and several additional classrooms. There are also three private therapy rooms for speech and physical therapy along with two cafeterias.

A new program called functional autism community transitioning or F.A.C.T. works on the living skills children and teenagers need to transition into the community after high school.

"You know it's that time when we needed a bigger facility so we're able to offer so many more services here. We’re able to offer you know behavior therapy and physical therapy and speech therapy. We have all the rooms to capacitate for that," said Kuryn Patterson.

The school now has the capacity to handle 28 students.