About 60 Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Arrived at Gulf World

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- The first of 60 cold-stunned sea turtles began showing-up at gulf world marine institute in Panama City Beach on Wednesday.

"They come from any size from a couple pounds to 60 pounds. So we have juvenile to adult range,” said Secret Holmes, Gulf World Animal Care and Training.

All of the turtles came from the port St. Joe area of Gulf County.

"The temperatures have dropped in the last week decreasing the water temperature in St. Joe bay and caused the turtles to cold stun,” said Holmes.

Staff and volunteers immediately began assessing the extent of their injuries.

When water temperatures drop below 60 degrees the turtles go into shock and stop moving.

"When we are getting them at gulf world we are getting them with 1 heartbeat per minute, which is very slow,” said Holmes.

The animals were all measured, weighed and checked.

"So far most of the turtles have been brought in, warmed up, administered fluids and they have been placed in the pool and they will be ready to be released next week,” said Holmes.

They’ll be released close to the spot where they were stranded.

"We’re committed to the efforts and it is very rewarding especially when released an animal and go back into their habit. And knowing that you were part of that means a lot,” said Holmes.