Gym Memberships Up 30% This Time of Year

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If you're sitting in-front of your t-v, wondering how you're going to fit into those new clothes you received on Christmas, and after eating all those Christmas cookies, candy, turkey & gravy, and everything else, you may also be resolving to lose weight for the new year.

If a gym membership is in your future, there are some thing you need to consider.

It's the busiest time of year for local gyms and fitness centers. People are joining gyms or renewing their memberships for a fresh start in the new year, but making those goals are much easier than keeping them.

Making a promise to yourself and keeping it, can you do it? Gold's Gym in Panama City Beach is turning up the heat in 2012 to accommodate those new year's fitness resolutions. Many will start strong, motivated to burn off that holiday layer of fat.

"Unfortunately, we act like we're never gonna see a pie again, or a cake again and we all over-eat and move a little less. It's cold outside, we don't want to go out and exercise so come January, they're ready to burn it off" said Panama City Beach Gold's Gym owner Kristy McKinney.

Gym managers say memberships increase about 30% this time of year. January is the busiest month followed by February, which oddly enough, is the slowest.

"It's pretty typical, you'll see an influx of people in here for the first month or two and then it will taper off and you'll see everyone come back around spring break" said gym regular Adam Reeder.

"We don't like to see that falloff. We live it, we love it, it's what we do for a living. It's what we love, so we like to see people love it too" added McKinney.

A U.S. Government survey shows a little less than half of all Americans make some kind of new year's resolution, but most don't keep them.

75% will last a week.
64% will keep them for a month.
Only 46% will ever make it to the six month mark.

If getting fit is your goal in 2012, experts suggest you begin by setting small, achievable, goals. Then get into a routine, focus on your diet, and stay disciplined.

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