Halloween vs. Christmas: Which Costs More?

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From cute and sassy, to downright scary, halloween has arguably become the nation's second most popular holiday. It's also become one of the most expensive, giving even Saint Nick himself a run for his money.

"I really wish that more people would realize the 'reason for the season,' but halloween just seems to be more fun these days," said local halloween enthusiast Kristian Miles.

The National Retail Federation said around 170 million Americans will get into the ghostly and ghoulish spirit this year, spending an estimated $8 billion.

"Oh it's growing, people are into it. They like to enhance a part of their personality they might not feel comfortable doing it any other time of the year," said Spirit Halloween employee Anthony Buoni.

Buoni has worked at Spirit Halloween off West 15th Street for three year and said it's never been busier.

"Oh it gets pretty crazy, people come in, they're busy, they're shopping, they're trying on costumes," said Buoni.

But it's no longer about just costumes, decorations are also a big money maker. In fact, some people forego the costumes altogether. Miles said she's in it solely for the creepiest and most blood curdling props.

"What is it about halloween that makes you go crazy?" asked NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

"Watching people get the wits scared out of them," answered Miles.

There are the sophisticated and pricey decorations. One prop at Spirit Halloween was going for close to $200. But for those looking to save, Miles said you can still go all out on a budget.

"What we try to do is we take the smaller things that actually look creepier than some of the more expensive things and animate them ourselves," said Miles.

What do you think about halloween? Do you like it more than Christmas? Spend more money on it? Weigh in by leaving a comment on this story. Trick or Treat!

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