Harley Davidson Hosts Motorcycle Ride to Bring For Heart Disease Awareness

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- Harley Davidson is teaming up with the American Heart Association to bring awareness to heart related diseases.

Kickstands went up at 11 this morning for the first annual “Hawgs with Hearts” fundraiser ride.

More than $700 was raised from Saturday’s ride and all proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association.

The parking lot was packed Saturday morning outside of Harley Davidson. The American Heart Association held a charity ride. Welcoming anyone with a motorcycle to participate.

It's a fundraiser leading up to the American Heart Association's Heart Ball on April 5.

Heart Ball Co-Chair Al McCambry said, "(We’re) Making sure people understand that this is a disease that is not gone away and anything that we can do to help raise funds to contribute to reducing that is going to be absolutely astronomical."

More than 40 bikers participated in Saturday’s ride. Many say they're just happy to support the American Heart Association."

Biker Michael Husava said, “You look behind me looks around you there's just a bunch of big hearted people helping out other people with hearts."

Michael Husava is the president of the Ancient Breed Motorcycle Club. Husava along with other members feel this motorcycle ride is a way to give back to the community.

"It’s always great whenever you can help out an organization help out the community help out people in general."

Husava also says this won't be his last charity ride.

"The bike community in Panama City helps out every run there is so wherever it is, we're gonna be there,” Husava said.

Harley's marketing director says they plan to host more charity rides throughout year.