Health Officials Worldwide Raise Awareness on World No Tobacco Day

PANAMA CITY-- Sunday, health officials from around the world joined to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco products and reducing its consumption.

Since 1987, May 31st has been known as World No Tobacco Day, when many in the global health community come together to bring attention to the risks of consuming tobacco products, and advocating effective policies to bring down consumption.

According to Tobacco Free Florida, this year's theme was No Menthol Sunday, emphasizing the dangers of menthol cigarettes.

"I'd love it if you just don't smoke. It'd be more healthy and active. It's not good for you. I've never smoked, and don't care about any tobacco," said Donny Hudson of Panama City Beach.

Members of the Bay County chapter of Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) joined Tobacco Free Florida in raising awareness of the dangers of smoking menthol cigarettes.

According to Tobacco Free Florida, smokers ages 12 to 17 use menthol at a higher rate than adults ages 18 to 25.