High Tech Training in Panama City

Residents from around Bay County had the chance to learn a few new skills Saturday in a high tech conference held at FSU-PC.

Most people may not necessarily think of northwest Florida when they think of high tech locations, but organizers of the RailsBridge workshop are hoping to change that.

About 60 men and women showed up to participate in the free workshop where they learned everything from how to customize websites with HTML and CSS to creating web applications with Ruby on Rails.

"It's something I'd kinda heard a lot about and I wanted to know the basics, just to have somebody come and show you,” said participant Dannielle Anderson. “You can look at tutorials online, but it's nice when you actually have somebody to help you when you mess up, you have an error and you have no idea what it means. You have somebody to get you through the basics, then you can go home and practice it and get better at it."

The program was primarily geared towards women and high school students in hopes of encouraging them to pursue careers in the field.
"I'm on a team of 6 developers and I'm the only female and that's about average,” said Beverly Nelson, one of the event organizers. “I mean, there's not gonna be that many so our goal is to just increase diversity and to encourage students to try something new and encourage women to step out there even though it's a very male dominated field

Nelson says they plan to do more workshops like this in the future.

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