Holiday Inn Resort Gives Spring Breakers A Wake Up Call They'll Never Forget

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Every March the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach is booked full with spring breakers and one of the reasons it's a spring break hot spot is the unique way they wake their guests up in the morning.

It's not your typical wake up call. Every morning at 11, the Holiday Inn Resort blasts "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King.

"I think it's awesome I cried the first day because I was so happy I thought it was so cool," said spring breaker, Mary Waller.

When the music starts, spring breakers gather on their balconies singing and cheering.

"It was a song that worked real well as a wake up call because of the loud beat in it and it also works real well because of the message of the song. It fits with the kids and the mood and what they're going through right now," said Holiday Inn Marketing Director, Philip Corvin.

Philip Corvin is the director of marketing at the Holiday Inn, and he says he never dreamed it would become so iconic. The Holiday Inn started playing the circle of life in 2012 when their DJ decided he wanted to do something different.

"The morning that he did it that he had more kids out on the balconies and more kids that came up to him afterwards and said dude you gotta do that again that was awesome," said Corvin.

The Holiday Inn's wake up call has become a spring break ritual. In fact, hotel employees tell me that this year they've had hundreds of people calling in making sure they were still gonna be playing the circle of life.

"It's the best thing ever. Every morning when we wake up we look forward to it it's like an entire Panama City Beach Holiday Inn family just singing together," said spring breaker and Holiday Inn guest, Jessica Young.

One of the reasons they chose the song is because when a lot of these spring breakers were younger, the Lion King was a popular movie.

"We actually had kids that after the first couple days they showed up and they had stuffed lion king dolls doing the whole pose at the top of the mountain with Simba," said Corvin.

Corvin says in the past they've played popular hip hop or pop songs to wake spring breakers up.

"None of the songs that we ever played really compared to the circle of life it actually invokes all sorts of emotions in these kids you'll see them they're up there waving flags."

Holiday Inn employees say they considered changing the song this year, but realized if they did, they would disappoint a lot of people.

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