Hundreds Come Out to Walk Adoptable Dogs

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BAY COUNTY-- Dog lovers had the chance to spend quality time with some pups from the Bay County Animal Shelter Saturday.

More than 100 people came out to St. Andrews state park to take a walk with adoptable dogs.

Bay County Animal Control officers brought out 19 dogs Saturday, but they have more than 200 dogs currently up for adoption.

Kyle Vickers has adopted three shelter dogs and while he can't take anymore in right now, he still decided to come out and bond with these furry-friends.

"I just really love dogs and i just hate to see them in these pound buses or in the pound and i just want to make their day and just hope that they get adopted out," said Kyle Vickers.

Bay County Animal Control says they hope to hold more of these dog walking events in the future.

If you're interested in adopting a dog or donating to the Bay County Animal Control wish list click here:

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