Hutchison Beach Elementary School teacher wins Golden Apple Award

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Panama City Beach - This week's Golden Apple Award winner teaches 3rd grade at Hutchison Beach Elementary school. Tiffany Stewart uses a classroom economy system and the latest technology to keep her students engaged and excited about learning.

In Mrs. Stewart's 3rd grade classroom, positive reinforcement comes as a credit in her students' accounting books. "I do a system where there is classroom money and they have credits and debits." Debits for less than desirable behavior. Credits for staying on task.

"I pay them daily for a job. Everyone has a classroom job." Her students love the concept. "We do these jobs and then we get paid. Do you like that? Oh yes!!," said student Elizabeth O'Neill. "We have an ocean bank and classroom money we can spend in the Manatee Market," said student Olivia Bailey.

In this age of digital technology, even reviewing math for F-CAT can be fun. "The Mimeo is the new technology we have here. It's awesome and keeps them engaged. I have 2 teams going on right now for Jeopardy. It's the greatest technology I've every worked with as a teacher and they love it." "It makes it easier to learn," said student Lauren Fuelberg.

In addition to math another focus is reading. "In second grade we go from learning to read to reading to learn. I hope that they learn to love reading because we do alot of that in 3rd grade," said Mrs. Stewart.

"She knows each of her students. She learns their strengths and weaknesses and she plays to their strengths so that they can be successful," said Principal Shirley Ramsey.