I-10 Connector Funds Released to Other Projects

Many may remember discussions regarding construction of an Interstate 10 connector in the late 90s and early 2000s. After more than ten years of no construction, we finally know where some of the money is going.

The federal government has decided to take Alabama's funds that were set aside for the I-10 connector and use them for shovel ready jobs.

When discussions began on a possible connector to I-10, three corridors were considered. Those corridors were U.S. Highway 231, State Road 77, and State Road 79.

The state of Florida never had any money set aside for this project. The only thing the state did was conduct a feasibility study to determine if the connector was a smart investment.

Recently U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood released $470 million that had been set aside for future projects. This money includes more than $10 million that had been allocated for a limiting access highway connecting U.S. Highway 231 to Interstate 10.

"I think the federal governmnt would like to see the money being put to use getting people out to work building projects, helping to increase mobility, helping to increase capacity. To be able to move goods and services more efficiently getting people to be able toget to heir jobs and creating jobs by having that money by having that mony being put to use," says Ian Satter of the Florida Dept. of Transportation.

Satter also says that this project is still here but is not included in the department's five year plan. He says the public will be notified if any changes occur.