If a Hurricane Hits Tomorrow, Would You Be Prepared?

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- We're a month and a half into Hurricane Season, and while we haven't had a major storm in our area for many years, it's still a good idea to be prepared. Are you prepared?

"No, in general I would say most people are not as prepared as they should be," Matt Coleman, General Manager of Flagala Hardware said.

Nearly two months into the Atlantic Hurricane Season, it seems as if locals are not running to the stores to stock up on supplies like they used to.

"I've got flashlights and I've got bottles of water stocked up, but I need to probably change it because I haven't used them in years," Panama City Beach Resident, Aaron Manahan, said.

"I think this year's been slow. I think just because the weather, we've had a lot of rain but the weather in general has been really nice," Loc Martindale, Home Depot Merchandising Assistant Store Manager noted.

"A lot of human society is based on instant gratification, you're not going to spend $500 preparing for something that might not happen," Coleman said.

If you're not looking to buy an entire hurricane kit, local hardware managers urge you to buy some essentials at the very least.

"We have so many people that actually don't live down here full time and we always try to tell them to be prepared no matter what," Martindale said. "Keep something in your condo, your beach house; a bucket with the a standard flashlight, first aid kit, and water for sure."

With three and a half months still left in hurricane season, there's still time to go out and buy the items you need.

It's also important to remember it only takes one bad storm to make it a bad hurricane season.

"It's kind of like sharks in a way, everybody knows there's sharks out in the water but we go to the beach and nobody's worried about it," said Coleman. "Yet, one shark attack and everybody panics, I think it's the same thing."

If you don't have a hurricane preparedness kit, don't panic, just keep it simple. Have enough food and water for each person in your family for three days. Don't forget first aid items, prescription medicine for you and your pets, and toiletries. Have a flashlight and a NOAA weather radio with fresh batteries. Finally, fill up your vehicle with gas and withdraw cash.