It's Crolf. That's Right, Crolf!

When the Panama City mandated Tom Auvil to clear the thick bamboo that was growing in his yard, he didn't complain. He used the opportunity to invent a new sport and give back to the local community. What kind of sport did he invent?

“Crolf. That’s what I call it. Crolf. Crolf.”

Crolf is a combination of croquet and golf. Auvil has turned his front and back yards into a 9 hole par 3 Crolf course. “This game adds the interest of golf. You play golf rules with house rules too. And it makes a pretty neat game.”

Local kids and teenagers have quickly picked up the game and are at Auvil’s house daily to play a round. “I think it's a pretty neat game. I don't know how he came up with it.”

Auvil loves having the kids play on his course because he says it keeps them out of trouble and gives him a chance to teach some important life lessons. “It's a good thing for kids because I always explain to them you can't lie about what your score is.”

Auvil also hopes to some day build a more accessible course so that people with disabilities can enjoy the game as well. “I can just picture somebody in a wheelchair Rollin’ up, leaning’ over, and knocking’ a hole in one. It's very plausible.”

Auvil hopes to plan a 4th of July celebration and cookout with a Crolf tournament for local kids and their families.