Keeping Your Pets Safe from the Summer Heat

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With the recent hot and humid weather across the Panhandle, veterinarians are reminding pet owners to keep one thing in mind.

Remembering not to leave their dogs or any other pets in the car.

Veterinarians say dogs all have fur coats, so in this heat they get hot a lot faster.

And for those pet owners who think just keeping the windows cracked will help, well according to vets, the car can heat up to 100 degrees within minutes, and cause your pet to have a heat stroke or die.

"But I also don't think people think about what it feels like. If we sat behind in the car while someone went into the store, we would have the AC on,” said Dr. Tonia Shatzel, of 30A Vet. “There is no way we would crack the windows this much and sit there for 15 minutes. What people don't realize is the greenhouse effect."

A Crestview woman was arrested Monday after she left her dog in her vehicle for 13 hours while shopping.