Local Captain's Catch, No Whale of a Tale

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People spend millions of dollars on yachts, fuel and fishing gear for the opportunity to catch a bill fish.
A local woman is proving you can do the same thing for a fraction of the cost.
Captain Linda Cavitt was very into kayaking, before she took up paddleboard fishing about a year ago.
"I wanted something that would push me a little bit more and challenge me,” said Cavitt. “I was fascinated with it and thought, I want to do that. Honestly, I'd wake up in the morning thinking about it."
Her goal was to catch a Sailfish and it did not take long for that to become reality.
In September Cavitt was fishing near the county pier, when something hit her line.
Her GoPro video camera told the story.
"There's parts you can't see where the Sailfish jumps into the air. It's called tail walking,” she said. “When they're completely out of the air and just skimming across the water. It took me and spun me around 5 times; the whole time the fish is jumping out of the water."
It took Cavitt 30 minutes to land the fish, but she said she was prepared to fight it a lot longer.
"I would have been towed to Cuba before I let that fish go."
After the fight, Cavitt practiced good conservation and released the fish.
She said Sailfish typically run this area in the fall, but she is still surprised she actually caught one.
"I'm just in shock, when I realized what I'm actually pulling in."
Cavitt is now preparing for her next adventure, fly fishing from her paddleboard.
To see more of Cavitt's fishing videos and pictures check-out her website www.captlinda.com.

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