Local Cave Diver Featured in Duracell Battery Series

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Marianna- Several months ago, expert diver and Cave Adventures Dive Shop owner, Edd Sorenson, got a phone call that changed lives. Late one afternoon, four frantic cave divers reported one of their own missing in the water.

"When I got to him, he was just moments away from passing," Sorenson recalled. "When he was up in the air pocket, he had told me, later after I got him out, that he was starting to pass out. He knew he was going to die, and at least it would be peaceful and painless."

Sorenson was humble about the experience, but recognized what he had done was not only heroic, but often unheard of.

"The first thing we were taught is there are no cave rescues, only cave recoveries," Sorenson said. "So, I've done a lot of body recoveries over the years, and it just felt good to actually bring somebody out alive. And this just happened to be one of the four miracles that happened last year."

That's right- four. In the history of cave diving, there had only been four successful rescues world wide. Sorenson saved four people Marianna over the past year alone. His miraculous recoveries caught the attention of a production company based out of New York City.

"[The producers] were researching heroic acts- acts of heroism, this dive came up, and I was contacted by them."

The project is a series hosted by Tim McGraw called, Quantum Heroes for Duracell batteries.

The company flew Sorenson to New York to meet McGraw, before then flying to Marianna to shoot a reenactment of his most recent rescue.

"He's preformed several rescues and that's very rare. A lot of times people are not rescued in underwater caves, it's usually a recovery. He inspires me. It's so heroic what he's done here and I'm just happy to be a part," underwater filmmaker for Liquid Productions, Becky Kagan Schott said.

In addition to the once in a life time experience, Sorenson was also the recipient of what would likely amount to enough Duracell batteries to last a lifetime.

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