Local Law Enforcement Officials Speak Out On Recent Murders

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PANAMA CITY-- Local Rainbow Push Coalition member Gregory Dossie says several social media alerts and phone calls he received, prompted him to go looking for bodies this weekend.

He says a credible source posted the rumor on Facebook.

"Not naming names, or genders, but they had been accurate previously," said Gregory Dossie, Rainbow Push Coalition Bay County.

But Panama City Police say the bodies don't exist.

"I can tell you we have not recovered any other bodies. A lot of that was just rumors that were being told in the streets," said Scott Ervin, Panama City Police Chief.

And Panama City Police don't need anymore murders to investigate.

There were three murders in Panama City in all of 2013.

In just the last two months there have been six murders in five separate incidents.

They uncovered the most recent case last Thursday, when officers found a body in the trunk of a car belonging to 25-year old Tavish Greene.

Greene had been missing for nearly five days.

"We still have not had positive identification from the medical examiners office but we are looking this case as if that is Tavish Greene's that was found," said Ervin.

Then early Saturday morning Panama City Police arrested Andre Hamilton for allegedly shooting at members of Greene's family members who showed up at the Andrews place apartments.

No one was hurt, but police say it's unclear how the cases relate to Saturday's incident.

Bay County Sheriff's Officials say they've reactivated their gang prevention task force, known as Repeat Offenders Gang Unit Enforcement, as a direct result of the recent shootings.

"We actually have people that we know that are repeated offenders, that are gang members, that are on parole and on probation that have past firearm charges. And these are the people that we are going out and we are going to look at them," said Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff.

Panama City Police say they're making some headway, arresting suspects in most of the recent murders and taking about 80 guns off the street this year.