Local Man to be Featured on "Extreme RV's"

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Today's recreational vehicles have all the latest conveniences you'd expect to have in your home.
That wasn't always the case, but a local man is making his mark by reclaiming old RV's and making them modern.
Tim Heintz got into RV restoration for fun.
He's since turned it into a business that's gaining national attention.
Heintz is one of only a handful of people in the u-s who fully restores vintage recreational vehicles.
¶ "It's just a crazy addiction I have. It's a bad hobby to get into because you can't stop at just one. I have 9 trailers in my collection alone," he said.
12-years ago, Heintz decided to turn his hobby into business.
As the CEO of "Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations" in Panama City, he's restored dozens of RV's.
He has 5 projects underway right now and he could be getting busier.
Heintz has caught the eye of travel channel's series "extreme r-v's."
producers recently taped an entire episode in his shop, showing the restoration of a very rare 19-57 air-float.
the owner flat-bedded it, along with 3-other RV's.
"He bought four of them. Three of them 30 foot and one of them 35 foot and had them all flat bedded from Los Angeles, California where they were at in a junkyard."
Tim and his team picked the best one, the '57 air-float, then used the other 3-for spare parts.
Heintz said, "So he has a truly vintage looking trailer with all the modern conveniences you would have in a brand new rv. 24,000 BTU's worth of air conditioning and heating that's hidden inside of them because they really didn't have air conditioning back then. There's also a very rare Philco refrigerator in there, that's a double hinged door that opens both ways. That's a pretty rare feature to have in itself. There's also a tankless hot water heater and satellite dishes and things that are not even visible to the typical person."
The 1957 air-float is long gone, but Heintz and his crew have plenty to keep them busy.
After more than a decade in the industry, Heintz says the best part of his job is seeing the look on his client's face.
"To see them when they first see it and they are a little bit apprehensive, because you know there's rotting in them and there's floors gone in them there are falling apart and then when they come to pick them up they look like they did when they were brand new. So it's very joyful to me to see them when they first pick it up,"he said.
Heintz's episode of "Extreme RV's" airs October 1st at 8:00 central on the Travel Channel.