Local Roofers say "thank you" with $12,000 gift

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PANAMA CITY, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - A local roofing company spent Saturday saying "thank you" to its local customers in a very unique fashion. One lucky local got the $12,000 thank you she had only dreamed of.

"It's as hard to find a good roofer as it is to find a needle in a haystack."

That's according to Dale Tadlock, the owner and president of Tadlock Roofing.

And just to prove it, that's exactly what the folks at Tadlock roofing spent Saturday doing. But not just for entertainment's sake.

"It really is important to us, that we're involved in this community," one of Tadlock's employees told an eager crowd, "and that we are reaching out and trying to help each and every body that we can."

A small square of hay outside the roofing offices held a need, which was the key to a brand new roof. The prize for one lucky local with a good eye.

"What I pictured, what I hoped for, what I prayed for, was a person that won this roof who really needed it desperately and could not afford it," Tadlock said of the giveaway. "We really wanted not to find somebody who could necessarily afford the roof and pay for it easily but to find somebody that we could really meet a need in their life."

Several folks dug in, but none emerged from the hay victorious. In the meantime, Dr. Shane with WPAP helped hand out raffle prizes, including some with the Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy center. Some won t-shirts, others won tickets to Spring Jam.

Then it was time to get serious.

Tadlock himself took to the microphone, and dug his hand into the remaining raffle tickets. Slowly, delicately, he called out the three digits that would lead to a new roof. The last digit, two, was read, and then from the crowd, "Me!"

Cheryl Maxwell waved her lucky ticket wildly and approached Tadlock. Then as the realization dawned on her, brought her hand to her mouth, and smiled through big, grateful tears.

"Congratulations!" rang out Tadlock's voice, as the crowd loudly celebrated with Cheryl, who wrapped Tadlock in a big hug.

"Our roof turned 20 years old," Maxwell said, "and they doubled our insurance and made our house payment go up. And my husband passed away last year so we're just trying to make it on our own, the two of us. This is just a wonderful blessing."