Loud Boom Heard Friday, Source Unknown

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Many people across the Panhandle said they heard a loud noise Friday afternoon just before 12:30.

We received more than 100 reports of the boom, mainly from those in parts of Panama City Beach, Panama City, Southport, Lynn Haven, and Youngstown. However, residents in Santa Rosa Beach, Marianna, Cottondale, Chipley, Bonifay, and Clarksville also noticed it.

Some said it tripped the breakers and shook their house.

None of the military bases in the area confirmed any activity possibly contributing to the explosive sound.

Gulf Power representatives said there weren't any reported blown transformers.

Law enforcement said they have no reason to believe it was criminal.

While the source remains a mystery, the weather could have enhanced the sound.

Temperatures usually get colder as you get off the ground, but Friday the ground was cooler than the air above.

Assuming the boom originated from the ground, sound waves bounced off the warm air above the ground and then went back to the surface.

More sonic booms or loud noises are reported with these conditions in place as the sound can travel further than usual.

If we have any updates, we'll pass them along.