Man Running Across Country Runs Through Panama City

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Panama City - It started out as a way for a Miami man to lose some weight. It's turned-into a 2700 mile run for a good cause. He passed through Bay County Friday, on his way to Los Angeles.

Friday was day 27 of what Milton Miller calls 100 days of madness. Nearly 600 miles, and 35 pounds later, Miller's mission is growing.

"It began as a self improvement challenge. Gradually it evolved into trying to help others, make this about how to inspire other people to do something special with their life," Miller said.

He is running to raise awareness for the Eden Center for Youth Empowerment, an organization that helps kids in need in Africa.

Miller stops every now and then to update his GPS which is linked to his website. So to check on his progress, you just go online and look at his map. However, that's not the only thing drawing people to Miller's website. He says donations are picking up, and he's getting all kinds of support on the road, like free meals and warm for nights spent camping outdoors. One guy even offered him a bicycle.

"All these signs of generosity and people trying to help and being positive is also being kind of a discovery," Miller said.

A discovery that's inspiring Miller to keep running.

Miller's route will take him through seaside and Ft. Walton beach on Saturday.

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