Man running across country crossing through Panama City

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Panama City – Milton Miller is not your average jogger. A self-professed “former couch potato,” he’s made up his mind to run from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. So far, he’s made it to Panama City, in a little over two weeks of running.

During that time, Milton has faced heavy rains (he says the rain is the worst) and below freezing temperatures (which he says are not so bad). He’s making the run to raise money for the Eden Center for Youth Empowerment, a group started to teach children in Africa how to help themselves and their communities. When times get hard, he says he tries to think about how much ECYE workers suffer in their quest to help disadvantaged children.

Milton also has learned to listen to his body. Sometimes, he says, the pain and tiredness is just “pain leaving the body.” Other times, there’s a serious message, and listening to that message is what he credits with helping him avoid injuries beyond some blisters so far.

Since jogging away from Miami, Milton has covered over 550 miles by foot. He says he spends about 10 to 11 hours a day on the road (including stops to eat or rest) and has been averaging 25 to 30 miles a day. As he progresses, he’s hoping to go even farther, and faster.

On Thursday, Milton made it from Port St. Joe to Panama City, where he’ll stay the night, taken in by members of a local running club. Friday, he plans to cross into Panama City Beach. Despite the cold, Milton says he’s excited, and thinks it’s going to be a really nice day for a run.

You can track Milton’s progress on his website

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