Mega Church Pastor's Long Spiritual Journey

Markus Bishop has been in the headlines throughout the years for many reasons but, this time it is for something different.

"For some reason there are rumors and people talking about what I am today,” said Bishop. “I guess right off the bat it would be difficult in a sound bit to explain my spiritual path."

Bishop says he began a journey several years ago to find his truth.

"Because I had certainly complied with and conformed with a lot of things in my beliefs that didn't resonate with me. And I decided after a lot of difficult things occurred in my life, people may call it a crash and burn, they were an awakening. They made me really go and look within."

Bishop lead a mega church in Panama City Beach, but two bitter divorces, a bankruptcy and a court battle to keep from paying taxes on his multimillion dollar parsonage changed his outlook on life.

“It's not about what label you wear or title you carry, it's about what goes on inside you, Bishop said. “I am a follower of Jesus. I practice of Buddhism. I am a student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and I am a student in miracles and more than anything I am passionate about a path of reality that manifests in love and peace."

Bishop has a new church, called The Life Center, where he says there are no rules, no religion, just love.