Mississippi Man Killed in Cave Diving Accident

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A Mississippi man is dead after a diving accident at Vortex Spring in Ponce de Leon on Saturday.

The timing is eerie, because it's coming as the cold case of a missing cave diver is re-surfacing, and getting national attention.

Two days before the "Discovery Channel" was scheduled to air a documentary about the local case of missing cave diver Ben McDaniel, tragedy seems to have struck at Vortex Spring again.

McDaniel was from Tennessee. He disappeared after apparently making a dive alone into the underwater cave at Vortex Spring in 2010.

According to the Holmes County Sheriff's Office, this past Saturday 43-year old Biloxi resident Larry Higginbotham also went diving alone and never re-surfaced.

Higginbotham's body was recovered Sunday evening by a group of volunteer divers.

"He just got himself in a pinch and couldn't find his way back out" said Chuck Corbin, a member of the recovery dive team.

Expert cave divers like Corbin are very familiar with the park and the underwater caves. Some of these men were even on the recovery team assigned to try to find McDaniel's body.

He was presumed to be in the cave after making a dive and leaving decompression tanks behind. There's only one known way in and out of the cave and to this day McDaniel's body has never been recovered.

That has lead some to believe the accident may have been a hoax.

"I say there's a percentage he could be there but it's very minute. It's such a small and narrow place, but anything is possible" said Corbin.

Higginbotham's death is still under investigstion and comes about a year and a half after McDaniel's strange disappearance.

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