More Motorcycle Fatalities in States without Universal Helmet Law

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Panama City- A new study by the Center for Disease Control says states without a universal motorcycle helmet law, like Florida have more fatal accidents than other states. But some say the study is skewed.

Florida's helmet law does not require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. The new study suggests it's not as affective as states that require all riders to wear a helmet.

Terry Hook loves to ride and always wears a helmet But he's against a universal helmet law.

"I wear one myself personally, but once we start going down that slope where the government dictates what you do or what you wear we start down a slippery slope," Hook said.

But a new study by the CDC suggests mandatory helmet laws would cut down on the number of Florida's motorcycle fatalities. n 2010 Florida had almost 400 fatal accidents. 52% of those were unhelmeted riders. But some say the numbers in the report are skewed.

"They use a lot of figures collected that aren't necessarily directly related to motorcycle accidents. For instance when people rent these little scooters all summer long, people can rent these without a motorcycle permit, without a helmet and those crashes count," Hook said.

Three men have died in a motorcycle accident in Bay County since the beginning of May; the most recent Thursday night. The other 2, including an Arkansas police chief died during May's Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally. None of them were wearing a helmet.

Right now Florida only requires you to wear a helmet if you're under 21 years old or have less than $10 thousand in medical insurance.

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