Murder Suspect claims she is a vampire

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Panama City - Last week Parker Police mentioned the people involved in the July murder of 16 year old Jacob Hendershot may have been involved in a vampire cult. Now one of the suspects is confirming that information.

18 year old Stephanie Pistey was arrested last Monday and was charged with accessory to murder. Monday she told News Channel 7 she believes she's a vampire. Parker Police originally believed 16 year old Jacob Hendershot was beaten to death because Stephanie Pistey accused him of raping her.

"Jacob didn't deserve to die. I didn't even know he was going to die, but I honestly knew that they were going to beat him up and in my opinion he deserved to get the s*** beat out of him. He didn't deserve to die," said Pistey.

Investigators say a group of Pistey's friends lured Herndershot to a house, killed him, then dumped his body in a concrete enclosure. Five people, including Pistey, are charged with either murder, or accessory after the fact, but it's the lifestyles of some of the suspects that has taken this case in an entirely new direction.

"Since I was like 12 every fiber in my body basically everything, I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire and part werewolf," said Pistey.

Pistey admits she was at co-defendant Tammy Morris' house when Hendershot was murdered, but says she was watching Morris' children. Morris was also charged with accessory to murder.

"I was the baby-sitter can't really say much about it, but I was the baby-sitter," said Pistey.

She denies drinking Hendershot's blood after the murder, but claims she has drank the blood of her fiancé and co-defendant 25 year old William Chase.

"I have before yes," said Pistey.

Pistey says she'll spend the rest of her life behind bars.

"Now that I’m here I’m pretty much figuring out I’m going to stay here the rest of my life," said Pistey.

Pistey's bond was set at $120,000. Parker Police are expecting to make one more arrest in this case.

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