NSA-PC Observes Sexual Assault Month

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PANAMA CITY BEACH The Naval Support Activity - Panama City is observing Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Base C.O. Commander Christopher Serow signed a proclamation this afternoon to mark the event.

The observance comes as the military struggles to redefine individual behavior, in-light of several recent sexual assault cases.

For 22 years, Mike Domitrz has been traveling the country, speaking to high schools, colleges, and military bases about date safety.

He calls his lectures "Can I kiss you?".

He's been presenting at Navy bases the past two weeks.

Date Safe Project Founder Mike Domitrz says, "Working with the navy is always wonderful. They get the importance of giving the sailors these skill sets, and they really understand that the best way to engage people is by actually engaging with them."

The Naval Support Activity - Panama City invited Domitrz to speak to sailors Friday afternoon.

It's the first time the base has hosted an outside speaker on this issue.

Domitrz manages to take the serious and somewhat uncomfortable topic of Sexual Assault Awareness month, and make it entertaining.

Naval support activity commanding officer, Commander Christopher Serow kicked-off the day's events with a proclamation signing.

Sexual assault is an urgent topic in the military, but base officials say events like this will hopeful prevent further incidents.

NSA-PC Commanding Officer Commander Christopher Serow says, "The Navy's made great strides in confronting the issues of sexual assault, increased reporting of incidents is showing victims have greater trust in the Navy's ability to provide care for them as well as to hold perpetrators accountable."

NSA-PC Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Catherine Montfort adds, "Sexual assault is real and it's happening and there are ways of preventing any type of alleged perpetration charges, to be placed. It allows people to understand they don't need to be a victim."

Naval Support Activity will hold a number of sexual assault awareness events throughout the month.

To learn more about the "Can I kiss you?" campaign, visit their website www.datesafeproject.org.