Panama City Beach Under Fire on Fox News

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- The world is finding out what a lot of locals already know, that some spring breakers have very few inhibitions when they arrive in Panama City Beach.

Sean Hannity kicked-off a series of reports last night on his Fox News show on local spring break behavior, and the images are less than flattering.

As a result, both the reporter and Hannity say they would never allow their kids to come, and some local leaders say they're hoping these revelations will bring about some changes.

The multi-part series airing this week on Sean Hannity's Fox News show depicts underage drinking, drug abuse, and sexual exploits in broad daylight.

The camera crews collected their material during ride-alongs with Bay County Sheriff's Deputies.

For those who were unaware of Panama City Beach's wild "Spring Break" reputation, or refused to believe it, these images are difficult to deny.

"It's about time that someone actually shows what happens. When law enforcement says, 'Hey this is bad, you know, this is dangerous for our guys," no one listens, okay? When we say, 'We don't have enough people to work, nobody listens but when Fox News shows some girl shaking her booty, it seems everybody in the world is upset now," Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen said.

Beach restaurant owner and businessman Bill Buskell approached the Panama City Beach council members last week about his spring break concerns.

He call the Hannity coverage the last straw.

"I was ready to throw up. This beach does not deserve that kind of attention. I was sick to see it happening to my beach, the beach I love, the beach I've grown up with, the beach I've sweated tooth and nail to develop," Buskell said.

Buskell and McKeithan both say beach officials need a new marketing campaign.

"We advertise, come to Panama City Beach, and party. The largest party in the world." McKeithen said.

Buskell says he plans on recording Hannity's reports and send copies to council members, but he's also threatening a more serious action for continued spring break marketing.

"If the TDC spends any money on creation of the number of people coming to Panama City Beach, I'll personally sue them. I'll personally do that," Buskell said.

Despite the beach hiring more law enforement, McKeithen believes it's not enough.

This March, deputies responded to more than 9,000 911 calls, 36 burglaries, 6 sex offenses, and arrested a record 296 people.

And that doesn't include Beach Police, State Troopers or State Beverage Agents.