Panama City is Ranked Second Cheapest Spring Break Destination

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- "Panama City Beach is ranked second in cheapest party places for spring break," yelled spring breaker, Wesley Bottom. "Come on out here."

You heard him. named Panama City the second cheapest spring break destination in the United States.

Maybe that's the reason thousands of college students come here to party every year.

"We've been coming for three years straight," said spring breaker, DonTario Brown. "So, we've got a condo. We only pay about $3,000. Gas pretty cheap. Everything good, we having a good time."

Coupon Daily mentioned local business Finns Island Style Grub on its website as a "good eat" for spring breakers to try.

"They've been filing in," Finns Island Style Grub Owner Justin Buxton said. "We definitely noticed an increase this week and everyone's real excited. Usually when they come, they come back the very next day and they bring friends because it is such a good, such a large, amount of food for the price."

La Quinta Inn and Suites was another business mentioned by Coupon Daily.

"It's a fairly good location," said La Quinta Inn and Suites front desk worker, Bill Boyce. "We're only a mile-and-a-half from the beach."

Another local business is getting in on the spring break action serving fresh pizza to the spring breakers for a good price.

"We're out here spring break, trying to provide spring breakers with good quality food," said General Manager of New York's Famous Pizza and Pasta, Jermaine Smith. "We came here from in town at New York's Famous Pizza and Pasta and we're out here trying to provide all spring breakers with good quality food at a really good price. Club La Vela is one of the top local beach clubs in Panama City and they come here because they have great music. We have great food, good scene by the pool right on the beach front. Spring breakers love that."

But do the spring breakers really buy into Panama City being the second cheapest spring break destination?

"Ah, the prices are awesome," said spring breaker, Nick Blanchard. "It's so cheap. Having a good time in Panama City Beach."

"The prices are pretty good," said spring breaker, Ben Shuler. "If you want to come to PCB, this is the place to go."

"Me and my roommates each split like $100 for a room and really cheap, easy place, a lot of people, so you know you're going to have fun," said sprig breaker, Lenaiza Ellis.

"Prices is cheap," said spring breaker, Wesley Bottom. "Real cheap. And I do mean cheap."

It's safe to say these spring breakers believe Panama City is full of sun, sand, fun and most importantly, wallet friendly.