Panama City Occupy Protesters March to Patronis' Office

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Members of Occupy Panama City took to the streets Thursday to protest for what they call a threat to democracy.

About two dozen people staged a demonstration in McKenzie Park calling for State Representative Jimmy Patronis to resign as the Florida Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC.

ALEC is an organization of corporations that propose pro-business legislation, but opponents claims ALEC backs bills that disenfranchise millions of Americans. One of those is the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law which George Zimmerman is using as a defense for shooting Trayvon Martin.

The local protesters marched from McKenzie Park to Patronis’ downtown legislative office to deliver their message, but Patronis was not available at the time.

"We just think corporations have too much influence on our legislators and we would like for them to pay more attention to the students who are burdened down with debt, the unemployed, the under-employed, the people that don't have health insurance. These we think are the 99-percent" said Robert Gilmore, Occupy Panama City.

"I'm sure there are good intentions there, but there's alot more to me or ALEC than what they've read on the blogs or have come to in their own conspiracy theories" said Representative Jimmy Patronis, (R) Panama City Beach.

Patronis says ALEC acts as a clearing house for state legislators to discuss how to solve problems.

Several large corporations have dropped their memberships in ALEC after protesters threatened to boycott them.

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