State Seeks Death Penalty in Barry Davis Murder Trial

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WALTON COUNTY-- Wednesday began the three-day penalty phase in the Barry Davis murder trial.

Monday, a jury found Davis guilty on 14 counts for murdering John Hughes and Hiedi Rhodes in 2012.

During the penalty phase, jurors will hear from Davis' family and the victims' families, who will recommend or not recommend the death penalty for Davis.

The judge will make the final decision.

Davis' father took the stand and talked about his son being award with the Bay County Sheriff's Office "Do the Right Thing Award" for saving a drowning man.

"They gave him like a $500 scholarship and a certificate," Barry Davis, Sr. said. "It was on television and the newspaper and everything. Actually they interviewed him."

"Did he maintain a relationship with that man," asked Davis' defense attorney.

"Yes, yes," Davis, Sr. said.

Davis' uncle also took the stand. Mental health experts for both the defense and prosecution will testify during this process.