Pirates Cove Marina Opens New Mega Barn

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- The Grand Opening Ceremony and Boat Show for the Mega Boat Barn took place Friday afternoon.

At 150,000 square feet, the new barn is the third largest boat storage in the country.

Pirates Cove Marina has noticed a change in boater lifestyle over the last two years. Management has noticed everyone wants simplicity and something that can be easily maintained.

"People are downsizing into simpler more boats that work like their iPhones," said Scott Burt, from Coastal Marina Management. "You can multitask, you can dive, you can cruise, you can fish, sort of like your Chevrolet Suburban. They want a boat that does everything."

The barn can hold boats up to 50 feet long and 450 of them at that.

The barn is rated to withstand winds of 140 mph.

If you missed the celebration and boat show Friday, you can head out to the Pirates Cove Marina Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.