Reny Jose's Family Holds Vigil In His Honor

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Last year Reny Jose came to Panama City Beach for spring break, but sadly he never returned home. He's been missing a year, and his family still has no answers.

Saturday they held a vigil in hopes of spreading awareness and reminding the community that they are still holding out hope that their son will return home.

Reny Jose was a senior at Rice University when he came to Panama City Beach for spring break.

"It's been about a year so everybody will forget so that's why we want to put his face out there so they can recognize he's been missing," said Reny's mother, Sherly Jose.

But March 3rd of 2014 was the last day anyone ever saw him.

"I know 100 percent my son is around here," said Reny's father, Jeorge Jose.

On Saturday evening his family held a vigil in his honor. Not as a way to say goodbye, but as a way to remind the community that his case is still open.

"We wanted to have all the people in this neighborhood keep an eye open so to find any leads we can get to bring my son back home."

The Jose family met the Guardian Angels at a missing persons conference in their home town of Albany, New York. The Guardian Angels is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for missing persons.

"These vigils are reminders for people not to forget these people. That these people have voices, they were here and they need to be remembered and found," said Krush Kent, Assistant Chapter Commander for the Baltimore Guardian Angels.

"What happened to Jose is still a mystery, but one theory is that he went swimming in the gulf after taking LSD and drown, but his parents say their son wouldn't do that and they believe he's still out there.

"I am sure he is never going to jump into this ocean, that's obvious, he's never going to do it," said Jeorge.

"I know him, he wouldn't do that," said Sherly.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office has been working the case for the past year, and the family is still hoping for answers.

"We've been contacting them, but they always give us a negative answer. There's nothing much they can report."

Shevina jackson works as a victim advocate for the bay county sheriff's office. She's hopeful that holding this vigil during spring break could bring investigators new leads.

Jackson said, "If someone was here a year ago and maybe they know something and then they had left the beach, but they happen to be back again maybe that will spark a memory for them to get in touch with law enforcement."

But for now, Reny's family has just one message.

"I can't handle this anymore, the pain and agony, and I want somebody to help us, please, somebody," said Sherly.

On Sunday the Guardian Angels will be hosting a "Honk for Remy" campaign at the intersection of Highway 98 and Thomas Drive.

If anyone has any information on Reny's disappearance, please contact the Bay County Sheriff's Office at 850-747-4700.

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