Rep. Gwen Graham Talks Obamacare and Dep. of Homeland Security

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Representative Gwen Graham is speaking out about flaws in the Affordable Care Act.

Graham is calling for both Republicans and Democrats to come together on this issue. She says both parties have gotten it wrong with the new health care laws, but now is the time to come together to find a solution.

"Congress needs to do its job," Graham said. "Obamacare has areas where it needs to be fixed and areas that need to be reformed. I am ready to work with Republicans and Democrats to do that. I know we can not leave a million Floridians in the dark not knowing how they are going to pay for healthcare in the future.

Graham is also urging both parties to come together to keep funding alive for the Department of Homeland Security.

Wednesday in Washington, the House of Representatives passed a long-term funding bill for the DHS with broad bipartisan support.

After pledging to donate her pay if obstructionists in Congress shut down the DHS, Graham is going further to pressure both parties to work together to fund the department.

Graham is co-sponsoring , the "No Homeland Security, No Pay" Act to withhold pay for members of Congress if funding for DHS is allowed to lapse.

"It is appalling to me that Congress could think that they could not vote to support those men and women that are protecting our country, and if we're not able to do our job, we shouldn't be paid," Graham said. "Therefore I was adamant that if we were not able to find a way to fund DHS that I would not accept pay."

President Obama signed the Department fo Homeland Security Appropriations Act at the White House Wednesday afternoon.