Ronnie Williams Could Be Linked To More Greyhound Deaths

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Panama City - More new developments Tuesday in the case of a man accused of killing more than 3 dozen Ebro greyhound racing dogs.

A greyhound adoption agency says the suspect, Ronald Williams, turned over a number of dogs for adoption aside from those that died.

A state regulatory agency that oversees dog racing is taking action.

Rodger Spencer with the Greyhound Pets of America says he's familiar with Ronald Williams.

The organization works with facilities like Ebro Greyhound Park to find homes for the dogs.

Spencer says Williams called the organization last week taking 8 of his dogs for adoption.

He says Williams claimed to have 10 total.

Spencer took 8 of the dogs, some nearly 15 pounds underweight.

"After he turned the 8 dogs over to us, he was stating to us and to others on the track that all he had left was two dogs. During that week witnesses would see him let out those two dogs and we assumed that's all he had."

Spencer and his colleagues notified a state inspector, which checked the kennel last Friday night.

That's when he discovered the 37 dead dogs.

Most of the dead looked like they'd starved to death.

Some of them had duct tape around their necks making it hard to breathe.

Five dogs were still alive.

Spencer claims Williams tried to mask the smell of the dead dogs from Ebro track officials and other dog owners.

"He actually placed an inoperative freezer outside his kennel and put rotten meat in it to, we assume., try and hide the smell of what was coming from inside the kennel, unfortunately," said Spencer.

It's safe to say his greyhound racing days in Florida may be over.

Tuesday the State Department of Business and Professional Regulation issued an emergency suspension of Williams' greyhound license.

"At this point, he's not able to work and we're moving to make sure that he cannot ever work again in Florida in the pari-mutuel wagering industry," said Jenn Meale.

Williams is being held in the Washington County Jail on 37 counts of animal cruelty.

His bond is 57,000 dollars and he could face more charges.

Sunday night, a Walton County Animal Control officer discovered the corpses of at least 8 dead greyhounds under the Highway 20 bridge on the Walton County side of the Choctawhatchee river.

They've now found a tattoo inside the ear of one of those dogs.

The information has been sent to the National Greyhound Association.

If they identify the dog as one of Williams', he could be facing even more charges.

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