Schooners Wraps Up 25th Lobster Festival

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- Rain may have put a huge damper on last year's celebration of the Annual Lobster Festival and Tournament in Panama City Beach, but that didnt stop Schooners from going all-out this year and seeing a huge turn out.

Thousands of seafood fans hit Panama City Beach Sunday afternoon for the last day of the 25th Annual Lobster Festival, sponsored by Schooners.

"Beest time of the summer so far. It's great, foods awesome, music is awesome," Panama City Beach Resident Eric Mahurien said.

Organizers say this year's crowd is one of the biggest.

"Sales are very, very, very good," Schooners General Manager Michael Whitmer said.

Sunday, the final day of the four day event, was a lot different from this time last year.

Lobster Fest almost shut down as a storm soaked Panama City Beach.

"It was a wrestling match with weather all day," Whitmer said.

The event marks the end of summer and beginning of fall, but organizer say they are already looking toward Christmas.

"The cash we've made over the last four days will be divided between us and the charities that we are donating to: The Florida Aquatic Marine Institute and Toys for Kids," Whitmer said.

Sponsors say the event draws in tourists from all over the country

Dan Stanley lives in Pennsylvania, more than one thousand miles away.

Even with last year's rain, he still planned his trip to the Emerald Coast, just for Lobster Fest.

"Just for this. This is a good time. It don't get much better," he said.

It seems, regardless of rain or shine, people will seemingly put up with any element for a perfect lobster tail.

Organizers say they're not yet sure just how much money and how many people the four-day festival brought in.