Sneads High School Cafeteria Opens for Students

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JACKSON COUNTY-- After months of eating of what some students say were cold meals during their lunch periods, they spent their first day eating in their remodeled cafeteria at Sneads High School Monday.

Many students are excited for the better and warmer meals the cafe is offering, but say the changes will have a greater impact. It's been months in the making, but Sneads High School students can now enjoy fresh hot meals in their renovated cafeteria.

"It fits more people better than eating in the gym. It's more climate controlled. Two lines going at once, it seems to keep the traffic down," said SHS Senior Donnie Johnson.

Since the beginning of the school year, lunch was sent to the high school from Sneads Elementary School. Students also had to eat in the old gymnasium.

"It was crowded because it was minimal tables to eat in in there, and sanitary-wise, the food was cold since it came from a different school," sophomore student Jaylyn Palmer said.

The 60-year-old cafeteria became outdated and crowded, and school officials say it needed to be remodeled.

"It just makes it more room for the kids to eat, and makes it a little easier for us to get in and out, because there was a door right where the line was and it was hard for us to get into the lunch room," said sophomore Hailey McDaniel.

Costing more than $800,000, the cafeteria is 800 square feet larger and it provides a more secure dining patio.

"We were allowed to eat outside, but we had to eat like close to the road and I don't think it was safe for students to eat beside the roads because of on coming vehicles even though they had it blocked off," explained Palmer.

Some think the renovations will have a greater impact.

"They realize that we have more space, and aren't just an unfortunate school like everybody says we are. It helps bring out the expectations that we aren't better than the other school in Jackson county," Palmer said.

Officials say the internal work on the cafeteria is complete. They just have to finish some exterior things including building the driveway. Officials are planning a grand opening. No date has been set yet.