Sneads High School Cafeteria Update

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SNEADS-- A few minor setbacks won't stop the new Sneads High School cafeteria from opening during the first week of December.

Drainage system problems and asbestos delayed some of the construction, but school officials say it won't affect the open date.

While the building is being remodeled, students will eat in the gymnasium.

But it's worth the wait. The remodeled cafeteria will include an additional 870 square feet, an additional 76 seats and an outdoor eating area.

"We can serve a lot more students at one time. We're down to two lunches right now. A couple of years ago, we did have three lunches and this is going to allow us to have more room in the lunch room. Its gonna have a more open out door area that they, the kids can come and enjoy their lunch in the fresh air," explained Principal Faye Parker.

The project will cost around $850,000. A majority of the funding will come from the half cent sales tax.