Special Session Nov. 19th Will Delay New Septic Tank Law

It appears the controversial new septic tank law that was supposed to go into effect January 1st, will be delayed, and may be killed altogether.

Florida's incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon and incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolis held a news conference Thursday to discuss the new Republican super-majority in the legislature. They announced they plan to over-ride 9-bills vetoed by Gov.Charlie Crist.

But they also addressed the Septic Tank Law, which would require septic tanks to be inspected ever five years. Tank owners say ever five years is too often and too expensive since the inspections can cost thousands of dollars.

Speaker-Designate Cannon said he'll ask lawmakers to push back the law's January start date to give lawmakers more time to consider changes. The request will come during a special session set to begin November 16th.

"Because it's a complex issue why don't we just push the implementation date back to July, push it past regular session so we have a chance to vet it through the committee process, avoid any unintended consequences and at the same time give folks time to look at it and see what would actually happen."

Representatives Marti Coley, Brad Drake, Jimmy Patronis and Sen. Don Gaetz have already said they're planning to co-sponsor a bill that will repeal the septic tank law.

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