Spooks and Spirits Invade Old Calhoun County Jail

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BLOUNTSTOWN-- Old jails are spooky enough. So imagine visiting an old abandoned jail that's haunted. That's exactly what can be found in Calhoun County.

When you pass through historic Blountstown, you can't miss the old, iconic Calhoun County Courthouse. But what's out of sight, tucked away, is the old county jail. Built in 1920, it housed inmates up until eight years ago. Now it houses ghosts, goblins and spirits from worlds beyond.

"Expect to feel very scared," said Kim Tanner, administrative assistant to Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel.

Beginning Friday, the old jail will transform into maybe the scariest place in the Panhandle.

"Well, I think it can be the best one yet actually, and I tell you why. .. Because it's at the county jail," said Sheriff Kimbrel. "You know the county jail has a lot of stories. You know what I mean? At one time or another we all might a had somebody here visiting, you know."

So whose idea was it to lock in the jail as the place to visit spooks and spirits?

"Absolutely the sheriff's idea," said Tanner. "So, he mentioned it would be really cool to have it in the old jail, cause the old jail is scary even on a regular day."

You better pack your courage when you visit the old jail, or pack an extra pair of drawers.

The sheriff tells a story of cellmates a long time ago in which one killed his girlfriend, the other his wife. One actually died while in custody.

"And there's just been God-awful strange noises coming from that area since that happened, so we can only imagine what might transpire on a haunted night here at the Calhoun County Jail," said Sheriff Kimbrel. "I'm a little concerned about it myself."

What's not scary is where all the proceeds from the haunted jail will go.

"We trying to give back to the community, and this is for scholarships for graduating seniors, and also Toys for Tots," said Sheriff Kimbrel. "I believe last year we had like 150 families. And you know, we want to give back. You know, people are good to us in this county. We have a lot of great people in Calhoun County, so every opportunity we can… we give back."

"We've got five nights so there's plenty of time to come in, and if you want to come back again, come back again," said Tanner.

The sheriff and his crew have been working on "spookifying" the jail for about a month. Some of the county's inmates have chipped in.

"They (the inmates) are having fun with it, and it gives them a chance to be part of doing something good," said Tanner.

"I just think it will be a spooktacular time and I think everybody should come," said Sheriff Kimbrel.

The haunted jail will be open for five nights. Admission is $5. For more information, call (850) 674-5049.