Stranded Pilot Whale Put Down

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SANTA ROSA BEACH - A pilot whale found stranded on the beach has to be euthanized.

The Gulf World Marine Institute Stranding Team got a call from NOAA Fisheries around 6:30 a.m. A male, Short-finned Pilot Whale, approximately 8.5 feet long, was stranded on Santa Rosa Beach near Alligator Lake.

Dr. Lydia Staggs, Gulf World’s resident veterinarian, assessed the whale’s condition. The whale was emaciated and having a hard time breathing. Based on that and poor results from blood testing, Dr. Staggs and NOAA Fisheries determined the whale could not be rehabbed and released back into the Gulf.

The whale was humanely euthanized. A necropsy will be conducted by the National Marine Fishers Service.